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Whether you enjoy taking your luxury and exotic car to the track or it’s your daily driving, you are going to need service at some point. Track day events take a toll on your performance model, and daily driving can be just as hard on British engineered coupes and sedans. Bring your performance or luxury vehicle to the auto service center at Glenview Luxury Imports to get the oil changes, routine maintenance, or auto repair services you need to keep your luxury and exotic car ready for the road. Learn more about available services below, and then schedule an appointment through our service form, or call a specialist at (847) 904-1233.


Do you plan to track your luxury car any time soon? Let the auto service team at Glenview Luxury Imports make sure you’re ready for the track, by scheduling our services today. From genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts to technicians trained on Lotus models, we make sure that your luxury car is prepared and ready to compete. Schedule an appointment with Glenview Luxury Imports for your exotic car. Check our service center, fill the service form, and get the oil changes or repairs that you need!

For more than just a car dealership, visit Glenview Luxury Imports. We offer a full range of services to our customers in our auto shop. Not only can we help you find the perfect new or pre-owned car that fits right into your lifestyle, but we take care of you no matter what car you’re driving. Our professionals offer total car repair services to keep you driving.

That means we’re here for you with the auto repair you need, on any model of vehicle you drive. Simply bring it into Glenview Luxury Imports and our experts will inspect and fix the problem as soon as possible.

Our car mechanics can also replace any part needed from our inventory of OEM parts made for your vehicle. And if we don’t have it, we can order it for you.

If you’ve been in an accident, someone has dented your fender, or your car has been scratched in the parking lot, bring it in for our auto body shop specialists to make it look like new again.

At Glenview Luxury Imports, we are dedicated to making sure you receive the service and professionalism you need through our auto mechanics that are trained and experienced to handle your vehicle, no matter what model you drive.

There is no need to look for an auto body repair shop when you have Glenview Luxury Imports ready to help with a fully loaded and stocked auto service ready to repair your car. Trust the expertise of our auto mechanics for exceptional service, outstanding work, and access to all the parts we need to ensure you have a great drive.

Call Glenview Luxury Imports today for an appointment to bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop and see what service is supposed to look like.

Our team of service experts at Glenview Luxury Imports offers a full range of auto care options for your convenience and your peace of mind. When bringing your vehicle to Glenview Luxury Imports, you are relying on the very best to ensure your car or truck gets the right treatment.

For anything from oil change service to wheel alignment to brake repair, our expert auto mechanics can take professional care of your car. This is complete auto repair coverage by the best in the business at our Glenview Luxury Imports service shop.

Don’t let the windshield crack repair wait. We’re here for your windshield repair but if you need it, we also provide windshield replacement service. We even provide all kinds of tire service to plug a hole or replace your tires as needed.

At our auto repair facility, we have all the tools, equipment, and parts we need to take care of any auto service problem, including car battery replacement, car key replacement, transmission repair, and we even provide expert collision repair when you need it most.

When you come into the Glenview Luxury Imports auto service shop, you can count on our team to take care of any car problem or general car service you need. So drive in today and have one of our auto mechanic professionals inspect your car or truck, regardless of the type of vehicle you drive. We’ll make sure you receive the right service and a great experience that you can come back to again and again for your car maintenance. Make Glenview Luxury Imports your destination the next time you need a synthetic oil change, bumper repair, car AC recharge, or anything else for your vehicle.

Please don’t hesitate to direct your service questions to us! Fill out the simple form below and our technicians


For a vehicle that operates efficiently, you need more than just car repairs, you need total car maintenance on a regular basis. When you think of an auto shop near me, think of us. We always inspect the critical components of your car, including the brake system, so you can stay safe on the road.

Your car is like most other mechanical equipment, it requires regular maintenance by a certified auto repair specialist to avoid major complications over time, and even avoid a serious collision. Your car has several vulnerable components that can wear down as the vehicle is driven, and the older the car, the more difficult and expensive it can become to maintain. From windshield replacement to engine parts, everything becomes tougher to find. So make your car last with routine maintenance. Think of us as the mechanic near me who can take care of that oil and filter change with trusted expertise. A routine oil change can flush out contaminants from your engine, giving you a smoother ride and a longer life for your engine.

It may not be so obvious when your vehicle is calling out for an auto shop near me. Even minor bumps and bruises from everyday driving can lead to wear and tear on your car. That’s why we want you to think of us as that mechanic near me who can inspect the entire vehicle when you bring it in for standard maintenance. We will let you know if any part of your car is wearing out, from your windshield wipers, axles, and suspension, to the brakes, clutch, steering, and transmission.

For any car repair and regular maintenance like oil change service, bring your car to our professionals. We’ll treat your car right and keep you on the road with our expert and trusted auto shop mechanics at Glenview Luxury Imports.



Brake Repair

The top priority for any reputable auto shop is the brake system. It can have a wide range of issues, all of which can result in a major accident if not managed quickly and properly.

Brake issues are usually very easy to spot even by the driver, as any change in brake efficiency is often noticeable but it can alert you to a problem that your mechanic can take care of. Not all brake problems are major, however.

Brake pads tend to wear down as you use the braking system, so when you search online for an auto mechanic near me, they will know how to take care of it during routine maintenance. But if you are experiencing brake problems that go beyond brake pads, you should consult your trusted car repair shop before it gets worse.

Oil changes

Changing your car’s oil is a common part of general maintenance duties performed by your local auto repair shop. This should be taken care of according to your vehicle manufacturer’s guidebook, but it will generally be about every 5,000 miles. Having an oil change at regular intervals will keep your engine in the best shape possible. That’s because dirt and debris build up in the engine oil over time, making it gritty and difficult to lubricate your engine properly.

An oil change is probably the most basic job any auto mechanic learns right from the start. And keeping your maintenance records will be very valuable to you if you decide to sell your vehicle. Many auto repair shops will put an indicator sticker on your windshield to remind you of your next scheduled oil change timeline.

Tire repairs and changes

Without quality, properly inflated tires, you can lose speed, car control, and suffer from loss of fuel efficiency. So it’s important to ensure your tires are also taken care of. That means getting them patched if there’s an air leak, possibly from a nail or screw it has picked up or having them replaced by an auto shop if they’re too worn down. It’s better to replace your old tires than risk having a blowout on the road, which can be dangerous in the wrong situation and may lead to a major collision. Any good auto mechanic is trained to notice tire problems when someone drives in for other matters. That way the problem can be addressed before it gets out of control.

Replacing Air Filters

Air filter replacement may be simple but it can also be a hazardous part of the maintenance package. The air filter maintains a balanced air to fuel ratio to keep your engine running smoothly. Otherwise, your engine can misfire and damage many parts of your car creating a cascade of damage that only a certified and experienced auto shop can repair. That’s why having a mechanic perform regular visual inspections on your air filter helps find a potential issue before it becomes a problem. A contaminated air filter may add a significant cost to any maintenance but the cost of ignoring it will certainly be much greater.

Battery Replacement

Battery issues don’t happen very often, as a battery can last for years. But the battery is also often what many consider when they think of major routine expenses for a vehicle. Having a qualified mechanic handle a battery replacement does not come cheap but you can’t run your car without it. Your auto mechanic can advise you of a few ways to ensure your battery lasts as long as possible. You may not be able to control when or how your car breaks down but you can do a few simple things to help avoid larger issues.

Complete Detailing

You may want to sell your car or you might just enjoy keeping it in excellent shape. We are more than just an auto repair shop. We are also a body shop that takes care of your car inside and out. Our auto detailing will give your vehicle that new car shine so that you can expect top dollar for it. Or you can keep it and feel great pride in your ride.

Auto repairs and maintenance are not glamorous and they certainly are not the highlight of car ownership, but it is a necessary expense to keep your car on the road. A car with repeat problems and many older parts is difficult to maintain, and you will also find it hard to retain its value.



Check & Replace the Vehicle’s Wiper Blades

Good working wiper blades are keys to safe driving. Old wiper blades can leave streaks that may block your vision of the road or they can even leave permanent scratches on your windshield, leaving you with a windshield repair. So it’s prudent to test your wiper blades each month with a simple washer fluid spray. You can expect to replace your wiper blades at least once a year, and depending on the driving conditions and how often you use them, possibly twice a year. It’s a service your car repair shop can do with ease.

Regular Oil Changes

Every car engine needs to have an oil change regularly. The oil keeps various components in your engine lubricated to reduce friction so that they all operate cohesively. Over time and excessive driving, oil breaks down and gets dirty. But a simple oil change can give it a fresh infusion to keep your engine healthy. Most modern car manufacturers recommend having an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, but some vehicles can travel up to 7,000 miles between oil changes. Consult your owner’s manual or your auto repair shop about the best recommendation for your car.

Rotate Your Tires & Check Air Pressure

Your tires are the only parts of your car that actually touch the road, but they do much more than move your car with every rotation. The tires keep your vehicle connected to the road with a tread grip which allows you to turn, accelerate, and brake safely. Worn-out tires that have lost their tread are at risk of blowing out, can’t handle the road as well as they once did, and they even present an increased risk in poor weather conditions. So it’s a good idea to rotate your vehicle’s tires during every regularly scheduled maintenance to ensure they maintain a solid and evenly distributed tread. A trained auto mechanic can tell if your tires need replacing.

Check Your Battery’s Charge

A dead battery means a dead car, and what’s worse, you may not even get any warning or symptoms that you have a battery problem. Many batteries are warrantied to last for five years or more, but it’s not uncommon to find that they only last for two or three years before a battery replacement is needed. When you come in for an oil change service, your auto shop can also check the charge on your battery.

Replace Worn-Down Brake Pads

Because your vehicle’s brakes are designed to keep you safe through deceleration and by bringing your vehicle to a complete stop, your braking system is the most important feature in your car. Most vehicles have disc brakes, which are ceramic pads that press tightly against a metal disc on your wheels to stop your car. These ceramic pads wear down ever so slightly each time you brake, so over time, you will need to have them replaced. An auto mechanic can check the thickness of your brake pads whenever you rotate your tires, so they can determine when you need new pads.

Replace Your Air Filter

The air filter removed unwanted debris from the air that’s pumped through your engine. As you run up the miles on your car, your air filter will become clogged with this debris and it will need to be replaced to maintain your engine’s efficiency and longevity. We strongly advise having an air filter change every 15,000 to 20,000 miles, but your auto repair professional may suggest that it is done sooner if you drive through dusty areas or areas with poor air quality on a regular basis. At the very least, the mechanic can check your air filter during an oil change service.

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