2019 Karma Revero: The Ultimate Karma Experience Chicago IL

The ultimate driving experience to satisfy your expectations. Its performance, drivability, and extended range gives you every reason to be in awe. The 2019 Karma Revero is all about feel, not numbers. Its alluring stance is enough to sweep anybody off their feet. What makes it unique? Read our performance story to get a taste of the difference for yourself because we want to move you in every way.

2019 Karma Revero: The Art of Luxury Chicago IL

What holds the spirit of a GT and the performance of a luxury car? The 2019 Karma Revero. It’s planted, calm, and composed at every speed. Whether you drive often or not, the 2019 Karma Revero ensures you will never have to purchase gas again; recharging the engine provides 300 miles of range.

2019 Karma Revero: Elegance That Moves You Chicago IL

Exhilarating. Smooth. Satisfying. In addition to its elegant design, the 2019 Karma Revero is accompanied with six piston Brembo brakes combined with regenerative braking. Being in control has never felt this invigorating. As an industry-first, the badges on each Revero are hand-painted, one at a time. No other car company has ever done this so consider this a symbolic statement of craftsmanship and individuality designed with you in mind.

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